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Friday, May 07, 2010

Technology update

Rockingham County Schools has truly become the North Star of North Carolina. Rockingham County Schools (RCS) is the leader in technology in the Piedmont Region and our state. Every classroom (715) plus media centers have Active Boards, data streaming, digital projects and high speed Internet access. Our teachers through the recent action by the school administration and school board are receiving laptops for the convenience of developing and using their technology skills in the classroom and doing their administrative responsibilities. Teachers are seeking jobs in Rockingham because they know these technological skills make them the best of the best in teaching. The student dropout rate in the county is at a twelve year low because of the technology in the classroom where students are getting engaged in the learning process through technology and our skilled teachers.

Rockingham County Communities have good reason to applaud these advancements because county organizations, foundations and individuals have contributed to funding this technology, to make these advancements happen.

Our plan for the future is to obtain laptop computers for our high school seniors and other students to provide them the technology for post secondary education and preparation for requirements of the work force. Rockingham Schools are on the leading edge of technology and moving well ahead of other counties in providing the greatest opportunities for our students and teachers through technology.

Nationwide online education is growing at an annual rate of 30%. Some areas already have public schools that are taught totally through online Internet classes. Most colleges and universities are offering growing numbers of courses via the Internet while others offer degrees totally online where students may never have to enter a physical college classroom. Now this online education is available at North Carolina schools and colleges K-20. See link at:

Our Superintendent, Dr. Shotwell, is an educator and a technologist who has a vision of the future and continues to implement these technological changes for our students to advance.