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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Suppressing Academic Freedom

The National Academy of Sciences, a private society chartered by congress in 1863 has recently defied the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They have done this by proposing the suppression of teaching and discussion of scientific evidence that opposes the Theory of Evolution. How can we understand that an organization chartered by the U.S Congress whose name includes the word “SCIENCE” propose that specific scientific evidence be suppressed. This is in violation of academic free speech and scientific methods.
They forget that the Theory of Evolution is a theory whose credibility is constantly decreasing as more scientific evidence is discovered that diametrically opposes its hypotheses. These factors have not deterred the Academy from contacting most Board of Education members in all 50 states with a proposal. The Academy proposes that only evidence that supports evolution which they claim is “scientific’‘ be taught in the public school science classes. While at the same time they propose suppressing any scientific evidence that opposes the theory of evolution. They claim this opposing scientific evidence is religious and must be suppressed merely because it agrees with the Judeo-Christian Bible. This claim is poppycock and must be resisted in the interest of truth in science. Consider signing the petition in support of Academic Freedom at


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