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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One of the primary goals of the Rockingham County School Board, faculty and administrators is to reduce the drop out rate of our students.

We have frequently read, heard and observed that a key contributor to the drop out rate is absences from school. Absences whether excused or not contribute to a decline in achievement and lower achievement increases the drop out rate. The school administration, faculty, school board and community groups have initiated efforts to work with students and parents to monitor absences more closely. To do this the threshold levels that trigger attention to absences has been lowered to six days so we can recognize absence trends earlier. As the school administration continues to work closely with all concerned to reduce absences and increase achievement your team is asking for your support and feedback. We can only accomplish our goal of reducing absences and raising achievement by everyone on the team working together. Key players are the students and parents/guardians and your feedback and help is of utmost importance in making the Rockingham County Schools the best.

I need to hear from those who have constructive input about our schools and programs as we can be sure does every other teacher, board member and school administrator.

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