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I am an AT LARGE MEMBER of the Rockingham County Board of Education.

Location: Reidsville, North Carolina

AT LARGE Member Rockingham County Board of Education. Dedicated to serving the students and citizens of Rockingham County. See also Facebook page "Ron Price for Education"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I will work to:

Raise student achievement
Make more effective use of funding
Reduce the drop out rate
Promote Judeo-Christian values
Promote use of the quality improvement cycle
Increase use of technology in the class room
Keep tax dollars spent through the schools in the community
Increase collaboration with business & industry
Increase communications with parents
Increase use of grants and foundation funds
Promote cordial relations with county commissioners
Increase principals and teacher input to the policies
Increase communications with the taxpayers
Promote best price procurement practices
Increase accountability for staff and students
Promote harmony and consensus on the school board
Provide more paths of opportunity for students
Increase support for school administration
Promote the use of best practices in the school system
Increase discipline for the students
Increase community support for the schools
Promote respect for everyone
Increase student attendance
Work to make NCLB a workable and effective program


Blogger Ron Price said...

In answer to the comment question, "Will you promote teaching students about good character and moral values?"

I will promote the teaching of good character and moral values.

In answer to the comment question, “Will you encourage teaching intelligent design rather than Godless evolution? “

I will promote teaching intelligent design along with evolution. For a long time students in the USA and around the world have been taught evolution only. This does not give them a balanced view of science or a forum to discuss opposing views. The truth will become evident when both views are discussed.

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